Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Quarter 3 is almost over!

Bonjour à toutes les familles d’Archway Arete !

As we are about to finish quarter 3, please find here some insights into the learning happening in French class throughout the grades.

2nd Grade

Students will be finishing this week naming all family members. Furthermore, they will be able to name who live with them. This lesson is retrieved under the title: Tu habites avec qui?

Next, they are going to learn to name all the pets that live with us.

This lesson is found under the title: Tu as des animaux?

3rd Grade

Students have finished unit 4: describing a person, name body parts and tell where one is hurting, found under the title: Tu as mal où?

Next, they are moving to Unit 5  “ Bon Appétit” to learn about different food and beverages and tell what they like or dislike. The first lesson is about the necessary items needed to have a picnic. It can be found under this title: Tu as tout pour pique-niquer?

4th Grade

Students are going to learn about the different subjects taught at school and consequently tell what they like or dislike. It is found here under the title: Qu’est-ce que tu apprends à l’école?

5th Grade

Students are now tackling Unit 5” Temps Libre/free time”. The first lesson is about how the members of the French family spend their free time. It is found under the title: Que sont-ils en train de faire ?

I wish you all a happy and restful break!

I will see you soon!

A bientôt!


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