Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Bonne Année 2021!

Bonne Année 2021!

Bonjour à toutes les familles d’Archway Arete!

Welcome back to all students and families: I hope you had enjoyed the holidays. Thank you so much for your gifts: your kindness touched my heart and made me feel so special.

Semester 2 is here!

We will continue using in class` the French program called “Les Loustics” :

2nd and 3rd Grade will continue “Les Loustics 1”  


 4th and 5th use “Les Loustics 2”.

 I would appreciate your help in providing a spiral notebook for French. This will be the student’s tool to review daily the glossary of terms learned in class. The French activity book (2nd-3rd-4th) will remain always at school to help preserve the flow of the class. Please check the blog often to be informed about the content we are studying and the exciting things occurring in French class.

During instruction time….


I believe that good listening and practice are key ingredients for success. Please remind your children to pay close attention, to think about the context of the lesson and participate often in class. This will help them make solid connections to the material presented, retain it, and have the ability to complete the task at hand independently and efficiently.


Et chez vous! …… And at home!


I encourage all students to take their notebook home to review their vocabulary daily and repeat the words 5-10 minutes while you are listening. Google/translate can be a big help if you have a doubt on a pronunciation.


Have fun with the learning and always remind your children to do their best at all times. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the class, please do not hesitate to contact me at

I cannot wait to see all my students back in the classroom and I am excited to continue with them the journey of learning French.




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