Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Week 5

Week 5

5eme semaine

Bonjour à toutes les familles d’Archway Arete !

Bonjour mes élèves!

I hope you are all doing well! You may find here some guidance to complete the activities for all grades. Have fun with the learning!

2nd Grade

We started Unit 4   “En Forme ?”    and lesson 1 is about body parts. We are focusing on the parts of the face. Moreover, we learn to tell about the hair color. In Google classrooms, you find a video related to the vocabulary words to learn and explicit instructions in regard of the assignment of the week.

3rd Grade

Our new lesson is about food. We are naming several foods and learning to tell our preferences and likings. In Google classrooms, you find a video that helps with the vocabulary words and gives the student clear instructions in regard of the assignment of the week.

4th Grade

Our lesson is about money/ the European Money: Euros. We are taking a closer look at coins and bills. I also included key words for the use of money: acheter/to buy –

Payer/to pay  -  rendre la monnaie/give the change back. At the same time, we keep counting, the goal is to reach 70. Please play a game with numbers and test their knowledge.

5th Grade

We continue with the theme of packing a suitcase to go on vacation. For this week, we pack as we intend to go to the beach. Next, we complete a short story about going to the mountain and debating what is necessary to pack. I hope that the story created are going to be meaningful.

I miss you all a lot!

Stay safe, well and happy!

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