Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Bonjour à toutes les familles d’Archway Arete !

Please find here some insights into the learning happening in French class throughout the grades.

2nd Grade

Students are working to name the body parts. Furthermore, they are going to talk about common hair colors and their own.

3rd Grade

Students have finished learning to name some fruits and can tell which ones they like or dislike. They are still learning to tell when they are thirsty and how to ask for a children’s drink at home or at the restaurant.

4th Grade

After finishing the work in regard “Tens and Ones”, students are using the French calendar to call major French events related to each month. In addition, they are to learn to write the date and name the four seasons and the weather related to it.

5th Grade

After learning about few musical instruments that one can play, the students are shifting their efforts towards learning the vocabulary related to sports. They are going to use once again likes and dislikes to share their sentiment about a certain sport.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you may have any question or concern.

Have fun with the learning!

A bientôt!

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