Wednesday, August 17, 2016

les loustics 1/ 2nd Grade

Les loustics 1
2nd Grade
Course units

Unit 1:  Bonjour! Greetings
a-     Introduce self and others
b-    Classroom commands.
c-      Counting on fingers.
d-    Shapes and colors (masculine and feminine)
e-      What is he doing? What is she doing? (in connection to the commands)
            Unit 2: Vive l’école!  “Long live the school”
a-     What is it? Naming the objects of the school
b-     What are they doing? (in connection with the commands)
c-     Write the date (days and months)
d-    What do you like most at school?
e-     What do you like to play at recess?
Unit 3: La famille Legrand “ the family members”
a-      Where do you live?
b-     What do you have in your room?
c-     Do you have brothers and sisters?
d-     Introduce your family members.
e-     Do you have pets?
       Unit 4  : En forme?     Are you Healthy and in good shape?
a-     Name the parts of your face/ your body
b-    Can you describe yourself? (particular features, accessories)
c-     How are you feeling today? (express emotions)
d-     Do you have any pain? Tell if you have any pain
·        Learning to Count from 0 till 31 throughout the year.

and at home?                            and at home?

Even if you don't know a word of French, you can still support your child's
learning in many ways. Please encourage them to voice their contributions
often  during classroom discussions and have them review their vocabulary
daily while your are listening.

Have fun with the learning and always remind your children to do their best at
all times.

Thank you!                       


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