Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3rd  grade   : Les loustics 1

We will review Unit 1, 2, 3 with emphasis on the highlighted details

       Unit 1:  Bonjour! Greetings

a-     Introduce self and others

b-    Classroom commands.

c-      Counting on fingers.

d-    Shapes and colors (masculine and feminine)

e-     What is he doing? What is she doing? (in connection to the commands)

            Unit 2: Vive l’ecole!  “Long live the school”

a-     What is it? Naming the objects of the school

b-     What are they doing?

c-     Write the date (days and months)

d-    What do you like most at school?

e-     What do you like to play at recess?

Unit 3: La famille Legrand “ the family members”


a-      Where do you live?

b-     What do you have in your room?

c-     Do you have brothers and sisters?

d-     Introduce your family members.

e-     Do you have pets?


We will continue Unit 4, 5 and we hope to get to     Unit 6

 Unit 4  : En forme?     Are you Healthy and in good shape?

a-     Name the parts of your face/ your body

b-    Can you describe yourself? (particular features, accessories)

c-     How are you feeling today? (express emotions)

d-     Do you have any pain? Tell where you feel pain


Unit 5: Bon appetit! Enjoy your meal!

a-     Are you prepared to have a picnic? (kitchen tools and some food)

b-    Name some fruits

c-     Name some drinks and say you’re thirsty

d-    Name some food and say you’re hungry

e-     Tell about your like and dislike in food, tell your preference and express your opinion

        Unit 6: Bientot les vacances! “It’s almost vacation time”!

a-     Name what you do when you put your clothing on

b-    Tell about the weather and the seasons

c-     Name the clothing that you wear every day

d-    How are you traveling?

We will be counting till 50 throughout the year and have the capability to write the date independently.

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