Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bonjour! Quoi de neuf en classe de Français!

Hello! What’s new in the French class!


After the break, we moved forward to new learning at all levels. From learning a poem about the school (5th grade) to telling about the joy of going back to school (4th grade) and moving to colors and shapes in (2nd grade), the pace is slightly higher. This is a great period for us to get the most of the learning. Here are some insights happening at grade level:


2nd Grade:


Keeping the practice with the greetings, we are still working on counting till 20 and writing the numbers in letters also. Next, our efforts are not only to remember the shapes and the colors but to associate the colors and the shapes together in the sentence. Please keep an eye on the color:  it is placed after the noun.


3rd – 4th Grade:

From the morning routine and telling time, we are practicing all parts of a classroom. After reviewing rapidly all objects, we are using our numbers and the new vocabulary to tell what we have in class in a complete sentence in parallel of knowing some helping prepositions. Please remember the difference between “nom masculin” and “nom féminin”, masculine and feminine nouns. We use each of the objects with its article in a sentence. Our goal is to remember the correct article paired with the vocabulary word to master the genre of the noun.


5th Grade:                

As we learned different places in the city and what we can find in some stores, we are going now to use the European currency (un billet/ a bill) (coins, pieces) (pennies/centimes) to buy things at those places. For this purpose, our efforts are to master the big numbers and keep the practice going at all times. The key words to this process are:

Je voudrais/ I would like

J’achète/ I buy

Combien ça coute?    How much is it for ……?

Ça fait combien ?       How much is it for ……?

I believe that good listening, repetition and practice are key ingredients for success. Please remind your children to pay close attention, to think about the context of the lesson and to participate often in class. This will help them complete the required activities independently and efficiently.


Et chez vous! …… And at home!

I encourage all students to review their vocabulary daily and repeat the words 5-10 minutes while you are listening. Google/translate can be a big help if you have a doubt on a pronunciation.

Have fun with the learning and always remind your children to do their best at all times.


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