Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Yes, it is the last week of September. Finally, the students have now their activity books to use and apply what they have learned so far.

Here are some insights on the learning happening in French class.

2nd Grade:

-        We learned about the members of the French family (the father is Luc Legrand, the mother is Jeanne Legrand, the brother is Léo, the two sisters are Alice and Maggie).

-        The students can introduce themselves using 2 ways:  Moi, c’est ……


            je m’appelle   ………

-        We practiced our first name (le prénom) and last name (le nom) and we learned to count up to 12 in numbers and in letters.



3rd grade- 4th Grade:

The students learned all actions retaining to the morning routine (la routine quotidienne). They also learned to tell the time. They are able to  draw the designated time and write a complete sentence about it. Here are some helpful details to remember:  


      : 15 minutes/et quart

      : 30 minutes/et demie

      : 45 minutes/moins le quart 
5th Grade:

The students learned to recognize the different places in the city. They can follow and give directions to find a place. They worked hard to make correct sentences using the right preposition with the masculine and feminine nouns.

Et chez vous! … And at home!


Your child’s notebook is your guide to check the learning happening in every grade. Please partner with me and together we can instill the habit of taking the French notebook home to study.


Yes, I encourage all students to review their vocabulary daily, repeat the words 5-10 minutes and quiz themselves using the flash cards made during class.  Google/translate can be a big help if you have a doubt on a pronunciation.


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