Friday, August 4, 2017

La classe de Français de Madame Gebara

Expectations and Procedures

Expectation # 1: Students are to pursue Truth, Beauty and Goodness in all endeavors. All their efforts are to adhere to the 9 virtues listed in the family handbook and in class.

Expectation #2: Students should be in their seats ready to start and everything else should be  PUT AWAY when the teacher arrives to class.

Expectation #3:  Students should leave their workbook (2nd- 3rd- 4th) in their desk and bring their French notebook to class every time we have French class, and take it home EVERY DAY to study.

Expectation #4: Students are expected to sit tall and straight during instructional time and refrain from visiting with their neighbor. During group activities, students are expected to use soft voices.

Expectation #5:  students are to follow directions the first time they are given.

In this class, we only speak French…. Studies and researches show that translation is not a good method to learn a different language. There won’t be any translations to English. We will relate the vocabulary words and conversations to images, visuals, and modeling.


·         When the teacher enters the room: students are in their seat with their desks clear and ready to learn.

·         When the student arrives late: student enters quietly and gives their late pass to their teacher. They sit in their seat, check the board to follow the plan of the lesson and take out material as needed.

·         When Students ‘attention is needed: teacher will clap 3 times and students clap back 3 times and everyone is quiet waiting for further instruction.

·         Bathroom: Students are allowed to use the restroom and have a water break only if it is an emergency. They have ample opportunity in the homeroom classes to use the restroom and drink water as needed during specific breaks. French class is only 40 min. and we need to make the best of it.

·         New student: when a new student comes to French class, they are seated close to a friend who is going to help them often make connections and follow smoothly during class. This can be for a limited time only as they are encouraged to pay close attention to all clues given to have a solid understanding of the lesson, seek help when needed and strive to get gradually comfortable and independent

·         Homework:  students are to study their vocabulary 5-10 minutes daily.

·         After an absence:  Student will ask the Teacher assistant for any papers that they might need. Make up tests will be given.

·         The notebook should always be clean and orderly. Sometimes I am going to check them and give a grade. I will do this without any notice, so students are to make sure it is organized and up to date at all times.

·         Class discussion: all students should participate otherwise the teacher is going to call up on them to include them in the conversation. I want to hear what they have to say and check for understanding and consolidation. They are to raise their hand voluntarily and wait to be called upon to speak. They are to ask questions and make comments that are related to what we are talking about.

·         Moving around the class: Students must ask permission to get out of their seat for any reason. They cannot ask the teacher to get out of their seat during instruction or discussion, unless it’s an emergency.

·         Quizzes/tests: On the day we have French, students are to write on their planners the lesson to study so parents can retrieve the dates of the quiz/test. Once the quizzes are corrected, students are to glue it onto their notebook for later review.

·         Activity book (2nd- 3rd-4th): this book is to stay at school at all times. Upon special request, parents can come to school and check the work done in class.

Please take a moment and read those helpful guidelines with your students and always remind them to do their best at all times.

 Thank you for your support!

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