Friday, August 4, 2017

Bonjour à toutes les familles d’Archway Arete!

Welcome back to another exciting school year in French class.

I am looking forward to seeing my students back in the classroom and am excited to meet our new families and friends. For the next two weeks, we will be reviewing simple words, phrases, and songs as we bring the French language back into our school routine. As the weeks progress, we will be studying different thematic units at each grade level. 

My name is Salwa Gebara. Born and raised in Lebanon, I was educated in a French school, after which I pursued a BA in Child Psychology. During that time, I taught Kindergarten French and Math. When Lebanon began its long civil war, I left and went to France. Because of this I had to change careers. I attended “Pigier” Techniques and graduated as Head Secretary, and then took up a job as a Medical secretary for almost 5 years. I got married in the USA and established my life in AZ, where I have now lived for almost 21 years. When my children reached 18 months, they began Tutor Time, and so did I. I worked as their care giver for 11 years, before finally making my way to Great Hearts, where I am now in my 6th year teaching French, and my 3rd year at Archway Arete.

Here at Archway Arete, we are committed to providing French classes where the children are fully immersed in French. We will continue to use a French program called “Les Loustics 1 and 2 ” throughout the grades. It is a fun, creative, action-oriented course full of visual and audio documents that reflect the lively world of children and gives them a zest for learning. It uses a gradual, spiral approach to reinforce learning from one lesson to the next. Each unit consists of five lessons offering a variety of activities and a glossary. 
And I am very excited about all the work that we are going to accomplish together. I would appreciate your help in providing a spiral notebook also for French. This will be their tool to repeat daily the glossary of terms learned in class. You may also use Google translate as a means of interpreting them. Google also has a pronunciation feature which can be useful at times. The French activity book (2nd-3rd-4th) will remain always at school to help preserve the flow of the class.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding the class, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

The link to the blog is:  Please check the blog often as I will inform you regularly on the content we are studying and the exciting things occurring in French class.

 I am looking forward to a wonderful year teaching your children.  

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  1. How do we know what to review or go over at home? Thank you