Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 to all the families!

Thank you so much for your gifts: your kindness touched my heart and I am grateful for you. I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful break!

I am excited for all what is left to do and here is a look into the learning throughout the grades:

2nd – 3rd grade:

We reviewed the colors and the shapes. We practiced associating the nouns with the adjectives of color. We followed “la famille Legrand” in some of their activities. We found Madame Legrand singing, Léo painting, Maggie jumping rope, Marie learning English (for us at Archway, we are learning French) and Monsieur Legrand running.  Next, we learned about the objects of the school in regard of masculine and feminine nouns. We also practiced the objects with the color. To support all the learning related to the objects of the school, we are currently memorizing a poem called “s’il te plaît” – Please. Moreover, we can count till 20 and we are practicing writing the numbers in letters also.

All vocabulary words are found on your student’s notebook. The main vocabulary words of a lesson are given as flash cards to allow the students to quiz themselves frequently and master the material longer.



Here is the vocabulary:

Les couleurs/ the colors

Rouge - red,

Vert- green,

 Jaune- yellow,

Bleu - blue,

Noir- black,

Blanc - white,


Rose- pink,

Violet - purple

Les formes/ the shapes

Un rectangle/ a rectangle

Un rond/ a circle

Un triangle/ a triangle

Un carré/ a square


Les actions/ the actions

Il court/ he runs- he is running

Elle chante/ she sings- she is singing

Elle peint/ she paints- she is painting

Il saute/ he jumps- he is jumping

Il telephone/ he calls- he is calling

Les objets de l’école/ school objects

Un livre – a book

Une gomme– an eraser

Un stylo–a pen

Des crayons de couleur    colored pencils

Des ciseaux–  scissors

Un baton de colle –   a glue stick

Un cahier – a notebook

Un cartable – a backpack

Une trousse – a pencil box



The days of the week

Lundi – Monday

Mardi – Tuesday

Mercredi – Wednesday

Jeudi – Thursday

Vendredi– Friday

Samedi – Saturday

Dimanche – Sunday


The months of the year

Janvier   – January

Février   – February

Mars   -  March

Avril   -   April

Mai  -    May

Juin  -   June

Juillet  -   July

Août  -   August

Septembre  -  September

Octobre  -  October

Novembre  -  November

Décembre  - December


4th-5th grade

We finished learning about different countries; the students are able to tell about the nationalities (masculine and feminine) and the languages spoken. We learned also about the subjects taught in school, compared their schedule with a Canadian Student’s schedule. They are able to tell what is their favorite subject and the least favorite.

USA , Les Etats-Unis,       Américain, Américaine,           Anglais

France,  La France            Français, Française,                 Français

Mexico, Le Mexique      Mexicain, Mexicaine               Espagnol

Lebanon, le Liban             Libanais, Libanaise             Arabe, Français

Japan, Le Japon                 Japonais, Japonaise                     Japonais

Senegal, Le Senegal        Senegalais, Senegalaise       Wolof



Les matières scolaires/ subjects taught

Math                                 Les Mathématiques

Science                                Les Sciences

Languages                           Les Langues

Computer class                l’Informatique

History                                  L’Histoire

Geography                          la Géographie

Art                                          les Arts Plastiques

Music                                    la Musique

P. E                                         L’Education Physique, le sport

Lunch                                    le Déjeuner

Recess                                   la Récréation


et chez vous! ....... and at home!


I request your help to encourage and support the learning. Please ask your child to bring their notebook home and review the vocabulary taught for 5-10 minutes daily. This will allow them to remain strong in their knowledge and able to accomplish any challenging task.








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