Sunday, September 18, 2016

Unit 1: Bonjour!

After learning the commands of the classroom, here is the learning throughout the grades:

The 2nd graders are practicing saying Hello and Good bye in a formal and informal way. They are looking at their neighbor and asking them: How are you? (comment ça va? Ça va?) practicing the question with the appropriate tone.  I am fine, ok, even Fantastic!  Ça va, Ça va bien, très bien, merci, fantastique!

As a daily practice, they write their first and last name and review counting till 12 with the aim to recognize the numbers also when written in letters. Now, they recognize all members of the French family Legrand.

The 3rd graders reviewed the greetings and counting till 31. They also reviewed the colors and the shapes and were asked to associate the shapes with the colors in a sentence.

The 4th and 5th graders reviewed the greetings (giving their name, saying how they are doing and how old they are). They were working hard to learn to tell the time and learn the morning routine before school.

Et chez vous! … And at home!

Your child’s notebook is your guide to check the learning happening in every grade. Please partner with me and together we will instill the habit of taking the French notebook home to study.

Yes, I encourage all students to review their vocabulary daily, repeat the words 5-10 minutes and quiz themselves using the flash cards made during class.  Google/translate can be a big help if you have a doubt on a pronunciation.

Have fun with the learning and always remind your children to do their best at all times.


Thank you for your support !


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