Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,
I cannot believe that we are coming to an end of the school year. Here some insights about the learning happening throughout the grades.

2nd Grade:
We started a new unit: “The family Legrand”.
Our first lesson is to know where we live. Students are to direct their thoughts toward where they live (a house or an apartment) and should consider the city, the beach, the country or the mountain. Moreover, they get to learn all the vocabulary related to the rooms of the house.

3rd- 4th Grade:
We started to learn about the ages and dynamics of a family. The students are recognizing the relationship among all members, with some particularities (twins, concept of youngest and oldest) and using the proper vocabulary to show understanding of those defined relations.

5th Grade:  
Within our theme “Free Time/Temps Libre”.
We moved from music to sports and students learned all about the sports we practice. Moreover, we had the chance to know about all activities French people do during the week-end. The students got to describe their ideal week-end.
As we wrap things up, we are working on a project called “all about me” that will include all personal information learned throughout the years.

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