Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,
I hope that you all had an enjoyable break with family and friends. As we go into quarter 4, here are some insights into the learning throughout the grades.

2nd Grade:
We are going to consolidate the learning of the days of the week and practice writing the date. Moving forward, we are going to learn more action verbs related to school activities such as counting, drawing, reading, going to P.E., reciting a poem etc… Moreover, we are going to learn to tell our like and dislike about school activities.

3rd- 4th Grade:
We finished strong learning about the countries, the languages we hear and the nationalities. We are moving back into the school to learn about all the subjects taught. We are reviewing telling time rapidly to be able to read a schedule easily and correctly. We are also looking at a French schedule and make a comparison with ours.

5th Grade:  
We are moving into “Free Time/Temps Libre”.
Our first stop was the love of Music and the question was “do you play any instrument? “ We distinguished between the masculin and feminin vocabulary nouns to be able to use the prepositions in a correct sentence. Next, our theme is "Sports". We are going to name different sports and clubs and practice them in regard of masculin and feminin nouns. Yes, we aim to have a correct sentence with the correct use of the prepositions.

During instruction time….

I believe that good listening, repetition and practice are key ingredients for success. Please remind your children to pay close attention, to think about the context of the lesson and to participate often in class. This will help them make more connections to the material presented, retain it and have the ability to complete the task at hand independently and efficiently.

Et chez vous! …… And at home!

I encourage all students to take their notebook home to review their vocabulary daily and repeat the words 5-10 minutes while you are listening. Google/translate can be a big help if you have a doubt on a pronunciation.

Have fun with the learning and always remind your children to do their best at all times.

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