Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Our journey in learning about the family Legrand has already started.  It is a French family where we recognize the father, Luc Legrand or Monsieur Legrand, the mother, Jeanne Legrand or Madame Legrand and their children: Alice, Léo and Maggie. In addition, we now know where they live (in the city, in the mountains, on the beach, in the country). As we move forward, we go inside the house to define the rooms and some household objects including some kinds of pets that live with us.

Here is the vocabulary:


Une maison/ a house

Un appartement/ an apartment


La ville/ en ville/ the city

La campagne/ a la campagne/the country

La montagne/ à la montagne/ the mountain

La mer/ à la mer/ the sea



Next, we are going to inside the house and define all rooms:

 - le salon/living room

- la cuisine/the kitchen

- la salle a manger/the dining room

- la chambre/the bedroom

- la salle de bains / the bathroom


Moreover, in Leo’s bedroom, we are going  to name all objects find in the room. The objects are :

- a  desk/un bureau

- a bed/un lit

- a chair/une chaise

- books/des livres

- toys/des jouets

-a toy box/un coffre. 


I am going to encourage them to name some of the objects found in their rooms.

I believe that good listening, repetition and good pronunciation are key ingredients for success. Remind your children to pay close attention, participate in class and take the notebook home to review the vocabulary taught in class 5- 10 minutes daily. This will allow them to complete the required activities independently and efficiently.

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