Monday, September 7, 2015

As week 4 is coming to an end, we finished the simple greetings (non formal), learned and practiced most of the commands to be used during class to facilitate a smooth transition of all tasks.

The non formal greetings include:
- Bonjour, (salut)/Hello
- Comment ça va?/How are you? How is it going?
- ça va bien, (fine)ça va comme ci comme ça,(ok) ça va mal (not well).
- Tres bien, merci (very good, thank you)
- Fantastique, merci(fantastic, thank you).

We showed compassion when one of us is not feeling well and we said: désolé (e).

The commands of the class include but not limited to:
- levez-vous/ stand up
-Asseyez-vous/ sit down
- Rangez / put away
- ecoutez/listen
-regardez/ look at
- ecrivez/ write
-dessinez/ draw
-Sortez/take out

We are still practicing to distinguish between the first name (prénom) and the last name (nom).

As we move forward, we are going to continue with the last commands, telling our age and learn the formal greetings rapidly. Our next theme is to learn the objects of the school : it is going to require a lot of repetitions and perseverance to pick up the masculine, feminine nouns and the possessive related to it.

Songs and Poems:
2nd "un grand cerf" (You tube: dans sa maison, un grand cerf)
3rd-5th " le Serment de la Fidélité".

Reinforcement at home:
ask your child to teach you some words and songs, and repeat them often. When having a doubt on the pronunciation, please check

Please remind your children to remain attentive and focused during instruction time and always to do their best at all times.

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